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London Collections: Men – The English Gentleman at The Cabinet War Rooms

January 8, 2014



During the tense days and nights of Second World War, Prime Minister Winston Churchill led the British war effort from the Cabinet War Rooms, a secure and secret bunker beneath the government offices, just off Horse Guard’s Road in London. An underground maze of rooms and offices, the Cabinet War Rooms were a source of […]

The BMW i3 – The Electric Car With Plenty of Spark

November 27, 2013



The electric car. Something about it conjures up images of late Seventies science fiction in which we would all be eating protein pills, communicating via our walkie-talkie wrist watches, and lounging around in our silver onesies. Whilst this rather optimistic view of our future seems somewhat quaint today, the truth is that many of the […]

Top Ten Alpha Males of 1970s Cinema

November 27, 2013



I’ve been watching a fair bit of 70s cinema of late, and one thing that has struck me is the marked difference between the leading men of that time compared to the leading men of today. Male film stars in the 70s were far more masculine, their characters far less in touch with their emotions […]

Spirited Away – Alexander & James provide a new way to buy your premium spirits.

October 28, 2013



Luxury retail has taken a turn in recent years, with online sites offering far more than just a convenient way to shop. Consumers now expect far more than just glorified mail order, and these days they are getting it, with lightning-fast delivery, quality packaging, a no-nonsense returns policy, and dedicated, helpful customer service. Traipse to […]

The Wolverine – Marvel’s main man gets a script to sink his claws into.

July 30, 2013



It would be easy to be cynical about yet another entry into one of the many superhero franchises that seem to dominate the landscape of modern cinema these days, but at least with “The Wolverine” there seems have been a conscious effort to mark the film out as more than just another comic book summer […]


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